Activator beta updates with two new release

Earlier today Ryan Petrich the well known iOS developer has just updated the Activator beta with two new releases, beta 2 and beta 3 of Activator 1.9.3. The releases bring a plethora of new fixes and features to Activator, and it’s obtainable by anyone who has Ryan’s beta repo added to their list of Cydia sources.

Want to learn what’s new, and how to get your hands on the latest beta release? Check out the details in this post for the answer.

1.9.3 beta 2 change log:
  • Fix unlock to dispatch event behavior on iOS 8
  • Make camera shutter action take photo after the camera app opens, if it needs to be opened
  • Add custom command actions
  • Fix VPN settings action on iOS 8
  • Make the fingerprint sensor hold put the Touch ID sensor into matching mode when assigned
  • Treat entering deep device sleep as leaving the Wi-Fi network (even if the WLAN interface hasn’t left the building yet)
  • Update localizations
1.9.3 beta 3 change log:
  • Add option to suppress passcode when activating an app at the lock screen
  • Better support Activator actions written using ARC
  • Fix custom events showing up multiple times
  • Support camera shutter action action fully at lock screen
  • Reduce download and install size

How to get the latest Activator beta

To get the Activator beta, simply add the following beta repo to your list of Cydia sources:


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