Wealthy man buys two Apple Watch Edition models for his dog

Still waiting for the chance to have some good money to purchase an Apple Watch ? You know that the the watch isn't inexpensive, in Sport model it starts at $349. But, on the very opposite end of the spectrum, is the Apple Watch Edition, which starts at $10,000.

However, that didn't stop Wang Sicong, the son of the richest man in mainland China, it certainly didn’t stop him from buying two of the wearables. Sicong then decided that he didn’t want the smartwatches, apparently, so he decided to give them to his dog, which happens to be a brown-and-white Siberian Husky.

When he published the photos to the Chinese social media site, Weibo, though, people got upset.

Sicong included a caption for the images he published to the site, which was translated by Shanghaiist:
“I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too tuhao so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?“
“Tuhao” is a derogatory Chinese term, which is usually deemed for rich individuals that lack a predetermined sense of social graces.

Insane, right ?



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