This is What a Replacement Apple Watch Box Looks Like [Photos]

The pretty packaging Apple has created for the Apple Watch is almost as attractive as the device itself. Even if you have to get a replacement device when your original breaks, it will arrive inside a carefully-designed box of its own that’s complete with a Watch logo emblazoned on the front.

Replacement Watch boxes are just like regular Watch boxes, only they’re not as deep because they don’t have much to carry. In fact, all you get inside them is a leaflet and the Watch itself — without a strap or charging cable. You can then marry the new device with your existing strap before sending your old Watch back to Apple.

As Rick the video uploader mentions in the video, the effort that Apple has put into this packaging suggests the company may one day sell Watch faces on their own — allowing users to buy a new model at a slightly cheaper price and pair it with existing straps and accessories.

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