Spotify introduces activity-based playlists, video clips and podcasts

Spotify is determined to give Apple’s vertically integrated iTuns ecosystem a run for its money. At a media event in New York City, the Swedish streaming-music startup has moved into video, as previously suspected.

And for Spotify subscribers that have felt the music streaming service has felt lacking without podcasts, the times are changing. Spotify officially announced that its service will now support podcasts, as well as videos, two major upgrades to the features provided from the streaming service.

According to TechCrunch, Spotify will also serve up playlists that are more personalized and relevant to what you’re doing at the time.

Some of the launch partners for video content on Spotify include NBC, Slate, Vice, BBC, NBC, ABC, Conde Nast brands (GQ, Vogue, Wired), Comedy Central MTV, E!, TeamCoco, Adult Swim, Elite Daily, TED, CBS Radio, PRX and many more.

Comedy Central, for instance, will be offering short clips from their TV show Broad City. The app will suggest video and audio shows for you to watch and learn what you love.

As for Spotify’s music-related improvements, it’s all about activity-based playlists. They will auto-play and you will be able to easily swipe them should you dislike what you’re hearing.

Spotify analyzes your previous listening history and takes into account your age, location and the time of day to deliver playlists that best reflect your current activity.

“It pays closer attention to what you have historically listened to over the course of the day and puts together playlists that will work for that particular time,” TechCrunch explained.

As far as podcasts and video goes, Spotify has inked deals with a plethora of providers, including: NBC, Adult Swim, Team CoCo, Conde Nast brands, Comedy Central, MTV, Slate, Vice, BBC, ABC, Elite Daily, TED, CBS Radio and many more. When it comes to video, many partners will be offering up clips of their most popular shows.


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