Samsung Airs Second Apple-Like Design Video for the Galaxy S6 Edge [Watch]

Samsung has aired a second Apple-like design video for the Galaxy S6. The new ad follows one posted last week that was remarkably similar to Apple's manufacturing video for the gold Apple Watch Edition.

The Samsung S6 edge needed to be more than stunning. It had to be powerful, engineered to the height of precision and performance. That kind of innovation begins at the heart with 64 bits of processing power distributed over a network of 8 cores. Just 14 nanometers thin and with more power than ever before, it intelligently re-routes to conserve battery.

With a constant need for space, the phone’s circuitry is welded to the frame ultrasonically while maintaining excellent reception. More room means built-in wireless charging is made possible, pairing with any commercial station. It’s technology at its best, possibility made into reality.



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