‘Remote S’ Apple Watch app will let you remotely control your Tesla Model S

Developer Allan Wong posted an interesting video on YouTube today, showcasing his new Apple Watch app Remote S. In the clip, he can be seen using the wearable to control his Tesla Model S, performing tasks such as opening the charging port and adjusting the temperature.

Within the app, there’s a Glance that will show the general status of the Model S, while digging into the app itself offers several different pieces of functionality. That includes being able to honk the horn or flash the lights, to monitoring the charging status of the vehicle.

The Remote S app can also take control of the full panoramic roof feature. Owners will also be able to unlock or lock their car doors, or even start the car with the Watch acting like a key.

Wong says that the app is currently waiting Apple’s approval, so it’s not quite in the iOS App Store just yet. Hopefully that changes soon, though. Check out the app in action below.
Wong spent 3-4 days coding Remote S non-stop after receiving his [developer expedited] Apple Watch in the mail. It isn’t available yet, but it was very close to finished when the video was taken, so the final app should look very similar. He says he’ll let us know when it hits the App Store.


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