Nike CEO talks Apple partnership, Apple Watch and exiting wearables in interview

Nike CEO and President Mark Parker sat down with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” for a quick interview discussing his thoughts on wearable technology, the Apple Watch and his company’s partnership with the iPhone maker, confirming that new services are coming down the pipeline.

According to Parker, Apple’s and Nike’s partnership “continues,” and that his company is “excited about the potential that the Apple/Nike relationship has.” Parker also noted that Nike and Apple are working on “new software and experiences,” but what that means, exactly, is unknown at this point. Nike already does offer its Nike+ app for the Apple Watch, so how the two are working on more software is certainly intriguing.

Over the past year or two, Apple has hired Ben Shaffer, Nike’s design director for wearables, and the widely recognized fitness expert and key Nike FuelBand developer, Jay Blahnik, both of whom have joined the Apple Watch team.
Blahnik is now Director of Fitness and Health technologies for Apple.

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