Microsoft is bringing Cortana to iOS later this year

Microsoft Cortana, the software giant’s Siri-like personal digital assistant available on Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile and desktop platforms, will expand later this year to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft today confirmed that it will be bringing its digital assistant — Cortana — to iOS and Android devices later this year.

“We’re also gonna enable all Windows 10 PC users to take the intelligence of that Cortana system with them onto not just their Windows phone, but also their iPhone or Android phone as an app you can install on one of those devices,” Microsoft’s operating systems chief Joe Belfiore said.

Even though Cortana will be downloadable through the App Store, the Windows giant cautioned there will inevitably be certain things that Cortana does on Windows phones that won’t work on iPhones.

“Some features require access to the system that aren’t currently possible with iOS or Android, so things like toggling settings or opening apps won’t initially be available in the Cortana companions for those platforms,” said the firm.

“Hey Cortana,” another cool feature, won’t be possible on iOS and Android as it requires special integration with the device’s microphone. For the time being, “Hey Cortana” will be limited solely to Windows Phones and PCs.

Here's the video:

Additionally, the digital assistant will be able to reply to any questions asked to it by an iOS or Android user just like it does on Windows Phone. However, Cortana on iOS is not going to be as powerful as it will be on Windows 10 devices due to the lack of integration.

Additionally, Microsoft also announced a Companion app for Windows 10 that will support Windows Phone as well as iOS and Android devices. While Windows Phone users will be able to connect their phone to a Windows 10 device and start transferring their data directly, Android and iOS users will have to follow a few steps before being able to do so.


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