Las Vegas hotels will start supporting Apple Pay

Apple Pay is coming to Las Vegas hotels next month, but not for gambling, and The Cosmopolitan is leading the way. According to the hotel-casino’s official announcement cited by Casino City Times, by early June the resort’s front desk, concierge, restaurants and bars will accept Apple’s wireless payment method.

“As always, we are thrilled to lead the market with a new component to a Las Vegas experience that makes everything a bit faster and a great deal easier,” a spokesperson for Cosmopolitan said.

You probably won’t be able to use Apple Pay for gambling, however — though Cosmopolitan hasn’t actually ruled it out just yet — because most casinos will only sell you chips if you’re paying with cash, and Apple Pay is tied to credit and debit cards.

Nevertheless, it’s terrific to see Apple Pay continuing to expand its reach. More than 200 banks and credit card unions now support the service in the U.S. alone, and it has already been adopted by thousands of retailers.

The Ritz-Carlton is listed in Marriott’s previous Apple Pay announcement. Apple’s ‘Where to Use Apple Pay webpage’ lists Marriott-owned Edition and Renaissance Hotels, but curiously makes no mention of the Ritz-Carlton.
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