iPhone 6s may feature Sony’s RGBW 12-megapixel camera sensor

We start the week off with a fresh series of rumors targeting none other than the highly-anticipated iPhone 6s line-up. As the title above reveals, these fresh rumors indicate that the aforementioned device will be released with a 12 MP Sony sensor in tow, which will make use of Sony’s RGBW technology for improved performance in low-light conditions.

Now, the Japanese media is reporting that Apple is indeed going to use a 12MP sensor on the next-generation iPhones that will be made by Sony. To make up for the smaller pixel size and to further improve low-light quality, the sensor will make use of RGBW pixel technology.

Traditional camera sensors have RGB (Red, Green & Blue) pixels, but this new sensor from Sony will feature an additional W (white) pixel that will help it in absorbing more light, which will lead to improved low-light images.

The report from Japanese media also shoots down rumors about Apple using dual-lens camera on the iPhone 6s for better image quality. Instead, the report claims that Apple will be sticking to its True Tone flash setup that it first debuted on the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6s will not be the first phone to feature a RGBW camera sensor. Motorola used a similar 10MP RGBW sensor on its 2013 Moto X, but the camera performance of the handset was disastrous especially in low-light.

[Source Feng | Via GforGames]


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