iMessage crashing or can’t open it after getting a message with Arabic characters? Try this fix

An odd bug that lets ill-minded folk send you a message which causes your iPhone to respring has been making rounds.

In case you missed it, a very specific string of symbols and Arabic characters sent through iMessage or SMS sends an iPhone in an immediate respring, causing the device to crash and quickly reboot, as first noticed on Reddit.

Reddit user Andrew623224 complains:
My buddy messaged me this evil line of code (redacted) and ever since, it will not allow me to open the stock Message app on my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.3). I tried restarting my phone, but nothing helped. When I tap on the Message app, it just opens to a white screen and closes immediately.
It is forcing some users to restore their iPhone. Reddit user TheSecondAccountYeah has provided the following solutions to fix the iMessage crashing issue, which seems to be helped some users, so I would recommend trying it out.

If your iMessages are crashing then just go to your photos app, send ANY picture to whoever sent the text, or whoever you sent it to. Now open your messages. Boom.

Edit: If this doesn’t work, have the person who sent it to you send a photo. Still doesn’t work? Go into your iMessage on a Mac if possible and delete the character texts. Retry the first and second method.

Edit 2: to everyone saying “a random number sent me the text and now I can’t get back in” you can open the iMessages app and when it crashes double tap the home button and look from the app preview to see the number.


There is different ways that could fix the iPhone crash and makes you send messages with different ways..

Fix the Messages app crashing issue by sending message using Siri
You can fix the issue by sending the message to yourself. As reader Sean points out, you can do this by using Siri. You can follow these steps:
  • Long press the Home button to launch Siri.
  • Then say “Send a message to myself”.
  • Siri will ask you what message you want to send. You can send any message.
  • Siri will prompt you if you want to send the message. Say “Yes” or tap on Send to send the message to yourself.

Fix the Messages app crashing issue by sending message using Photos app/Sharing Sheet
Alternatively, you can also use the share sheet in any app such as Photos app.
  • Launch the Photos app
  • Tap on any photo.
  • Tap on the Share button at the bottom left corner.
  • Tap on the Message icon.
  • Select your contact by tapping on the + icon, or enter your mobile number.
  • Tap Send to send the message.
Other solutions
If you want to prevent someone from rebooting your iPhone then you can also try to disable Notifications on the Lock screen (Settings > Notifications > Messages > Tap on the toggle next to Show on Lock Screen to turn it off), and also disable banner notifications by tapping on None under Alert Style when unlocked.

Anyway it looks like that many users already reported this bug to Apple and they are working on a fix for this issue, so we should expect a new software update soon..

Did you face this issue? Let me know if the above method resolved the issue. 


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