How to use San Francisco system font on your iPhone or iPad

With the latest news of iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite 10.11, we've seen a new system font called "San Francisco" font and thankfully you can use it on your jailbroken iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch and even on your Mac.

STEP 1: Download BytaFont 2 from Cydia store.

STEP 2: Add a new repo to your sources:
STEP 3: After the repo is installed on Cydia store, search for “San Francisco iOS8″ and install it. The size should be about 19.8MB.

STEP 4: To install on your iPhone, just open BytaFont 2 and tap on “Basic”
STEP 5: Now choose 'San Francisco font' and it will respring your device.. 

After the respring you should see your iPhone font system is changed and here's how it looks: 

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