How to disable Facebook Messenger’s Location Tracking

Since Facebook forced us to download a separated Messenger application in order to talk with our friends and families, it became one of my used applications that I use it daily on my iPhone. Facebook, a company very familiar with privacy issues and missteps, cloaks its motives in “providing the best experience” for its users.

This usually means default settings that help the company track your location for ads or store information about what links you click on. The Messenger application has a default setting that tracks your every location and I’ll show you how to disable it.

Aran Khanna, a Harvard Computer Science and Mathematics major wrote a recent post explaining how accurate Facebook Messenger is at pinpointing your location.

Moreover, it just as easy for one of your friends to use that information themselves for some serious stalking. Khanna created a Chrome Extension called Marauders Map which will allow you to track your friends whereabouts. Facebook is most likely working on a patch to prevent such easy access to user locations, but if it has got you worried, then follow the instructions below to disable Facebook Messenger’s Location tracking.

How to disable Messenger's location Tracking

Simply all what you have to do is going to Settings--->Privacy--->Location Services and switch Messenger to Never. You can also disable the location tracking by going to Settings -> Messenger and switch location to Never.


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