Greenpeace puts Apple at the top of its Clean Energy Index

Greenpeace has released its 2015 Clean Clean Report which examines which major companies are leading the way or falling behind in the race to build a greener online. Apple easily topped the list receiving a 100% Clean Energy Index score. Yahoo followed behind with 73%, then Facebook with 49%.

That focus has led to many different initiatives, some of them solar powered, including two new solar power plants in China, which the company announced earlier in 2015. For all of its efforts, Greenpeace has noted that the Cupertino-based company has scored the highest percentage on its latest Clean Energy Index, which the group has recently published:
“The report found that Apple continues to be the most aggressive in powering its data center operations with renewable energy. Despite continued rapid growth, Apple appears to have kept pace with its supply of renewable energy, maintaining its claim of a 100% renewably powered cloud for another year, followed by Yahoo, Facebook and Google with 73%, 49% and 46% clean energy respectively. Greenpeace found that Amazon’s current investments would deliver an energy mix of 23% renewable energy for its operations.“

The report, which is published annually, considers several different factors, including, but not limited to: energy transparency, renewable energy deployment, commitment to renewable energy, and advocacy. For Apple, each of the categories the company scored an A in, the highest mark a company can receive, and Apple is the only company to receive the grade across the board. That resulted in a 100% score.

To compare, Amazon got an F in energy transparency, and scored only 23% in the index. The lowest rating, on the other hand, is eBay, according to the results, with a percentage score of only 10%.



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