Google confirms snapping up Timeful, iPhone-only time management and scheduling app

Google may not be as prolific in its acquisitions as Apple, but when it does buy up a company, it’s a safe bet that a quick turnaround to improve its stable of apps is the intended move.

That would seem to be the case with the Mountain View-based company’s latest acquisition, as Google has confirmed today it has acquired the developers behind Timeful, a time management iOS-based application. The announcement was made via the official Gmail blog, and would stand to reason that the acquisition would indicate a focus on improving Gmail, Google Calendar and other areas.

“You will start to see the unique features you’ve come to expect from Timeful – and much more – available in Google Apps,” reads a notice on the Timefull website.

The move follows Microsoft’s acquisition of the popular calendar app Sunrise earlier this year. Timeful aims to free up users from the notifications hell and too much mind work involved in managing their to-dos, reminders, calendars and so forth.

Wouldn’t it be great if you shouldn’t have to decide to what time exactly you should snooze that alert in order to get it done in time for Mom’s birthday, or figure out when to work on that presentation so that it’s ready for next week’s sales pitch?

Here’s Timeful in action.

The app is available for free at the App Store, try it and let us know your opinion...


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