Google arrives on Apple Watch in update for News & Weather app

On Tuesday, May 12, Google officially updated its News & Weather app to bring Apple Watch support, making it the first Watch app from the Mountain View-based company.

The update includes various performance and stability improvements, and more significant to us, support for the Apple Watch.

This is essentially the first appearance on Apple’s wearable for Google, who runs a competing wearable platform called Android Wear. The move, however, isn’t surprising, given the company’s sizable presence on iOS.

The Apple Watch app works as you’d expect it to, delivering breaking and relevant news to you in bite-sized chunks. If you’d like to read more on a particular story, you can easily switch to the larger display of your iPhone.
It’s a free app, and the download link below will take you to it if you don’t already have it installed. While this may not be the one app from Google that people want on their wrist, it is a good sign, as TechCrunch points out, that Google is not ignoring the Apple Watch and that more updates from the company are more than likely on the horizon.

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