Consumer Reports hoists Apple to top spot for tech support amongst PC makers

Once again, Apple has managed to maintain the highest score for overall satisfaction when it comes to computer technical support, Consumer Reports, the influential U.S. magazine published monthly by Consumers Union since 1936, has found in its July 2015 issue.

The survey tallied the results of about 3,200 participants, and within those results Mac users had a resounding number of positive things to say about Apple, including that “Apple’s phone and online support glowing reviews, and four out of five said tech support was able to resolve their problem.” Compare that to the other PC manufacturers, where the results showed a chance of “about 50-50″ that another company’s tech support would get anything handled:
“The help desks at Windows PC companies often didn’t live up to that name. For four of the six PC brands in the survey, tech support solved only half of the problems consumers brought to them. Even the best of them—Lenovo and Dell—came through just 61 percent of the time.“
The one thing to note is that Apple’s free tech support, both online and over the phone, stretches to only 90 days, while the other companies out there typically offer one year’s free support. Even with that difference, Apple has been leading the charge in consumer positive reports since 2007.

For anyone that has had a Mac, or any Apple product for that matter, these are probably the same reactions many of them would have, too. Have you ever had a bad experience with Apple support? 


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