Concept imagines iPhone 7 with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge’s curved display

For the vast majority of consumers, curved smartphone displays are little more than a gimmick right now. But if used properly, they can be incredibly useful. A new iPhone 7 concept imagines what it would be like if Apple introduced one and adapted iOS to take advantage of it.

Hasan Kaymak has put together the video below that depicts a future iPhone with a display that curves on both sides — just like that on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The iPhone itself has also been redesigned with a thinner aluminum shell, and a new charging connector.

Kaymak has also redesigned some smaller things, like the iPhone’s mute switch and volume buttons, and the placement of its sleep/wake button — which now sits on the top edge.
Personally, I really don’t like the look of the iPhone itself — I think the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look a lot better. But I do like the curved display, and the way in which Kaymak suggests iOS could take advantage of it with notifications than scroll down the edge of the device.

[via BGR]


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