Apple’s ResearchKit could help researchers study DNA

Apple is collaborating with US researchers to launch apps that would allow iPhone owners to get their DNA tested, according to a new report from MIT’s Technology Review. The apps are based on ResearchKit, a software platform Apple introduced in March that helps researchers gather data.

Based on the report published recently by the MIT Technology Review, Apple is currently planning to bring DNA research to ResearchKit. The Cupertino-based company is reportedly already working on apps that would allow users to submit DNA samples to researchers. At this point in time, there are apparently two studies already taking place:
“In two initial studies planned, Apple isn’t going to directly collect or test DNA itself. That will be done by academic partners. The data would be maintained by scientists in a computing cloud, but certain findings could appear directly on consumers’ iPhones as well. Eventually, it’s even possible consumers might swipe to share “my genes” as easily as they do their location.“
There are a lot of health benefits to allowing researchers access to more information across a broad spectrum of people, and the demand for ResearchKit is quite obvious already. As its functionality and depth only gets wider and far reaching, it will be interesting to see what the open-source ResearchKit offers for Apple users, and the general populace beyond that.

Source: Technology Review


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