Apple’s biggest store ever to open in Dubai in August 2015

A report Monday by the Khaleej Times says Apple will be opening the world’s largest retail store in Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with population of more than 2 million people.

Apple’s first store in the Middle East will be located at Mall of the Emirates and it will be the world’s largest retail store of the iPhone maker, sources have confirmed to Khaleej Times.
Apple is also expected to open its second store in UAE in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall.

Apple had opened its regional headquarters in Dubai earlier this year, and has since then hired several people to look after sales, marketing and retail in the country.

Apple is ranked second in the Emirates in terms of unit sales, after Samsung. Apple sells iPhones in the region through Etisalat and du, its authorized distributors, in addition to a few other retailers like Sharaf DG, Jumbo Electronics, Plug Ins and Virgin Megastore and premium resellers such as iStyle. These companies carry Apple products at around a hundred locations across Dubai, including all terminals at Dubai International airport.

As shown on the photo above, the entrance to the 50,000-sqare foot store is dressed up behind the curtain. It’s close to the new Fashion District in the Mall with the main entrance most probably from level 2.

In August 2014, ifoAppleStore spotted Apple job listings for the complete range of retail store positions in the Emirates, from Store and Market Leader, Manager, Expert, Creative and Specialist.

The listings also included the Apple Store Leader Program, a 24-month development program for those who have just graduated from higher education. It’s interesting that Apple opened its regional headquarters in Dubai’s Emaar Square earlier this year. The Apple Online Store opened for business in the Emirates back in 2011.


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