Apple Watch has stopped measuring heart rate every 10 minutes after Watch OS 1.0.1 update

In addition to fixing performance issues and a number of problems related to the accuracy of fitness tracking, the first software update for the Apple Watch seem to have introduced an unintended bug.

The affected owners have flocked to Apple Support Communities and MacRumors’ forums to report that the device is now capturing their heart rate readings less frequently than before after updating to Watch OS 1.0.1.

It looks like I am not alone, a number of Apple Watch users are reporting the same issue on this Apple Support Communities thread. It is not such a big issue for me, but some users are quite annoyed that their Apple Watch has stopped measuring it every 10 minutes. Jcannonb, member of Apple Support Communities writes:
After I updated my Watch to 1.0.1, the heart rate monitor no longer monitors my heart rate in the background. It only monitors my heart rate when I ask it to take a reading. This is really, really annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? It was working perfectly before the update.
 Several members are reporting similar issues in that thread. The Apple Watch webpage for the heart rate monitor also says that it will measure the heart rate every 10 minutes.
You can also check your heart rate at any time using the Heart Rate Glance. And throughout the day, Apple Watch measures your heart rate every 10 minutes and stores it in the Health app. All this information, as well as other data it collects, helps Apple Watch estimate how many calories you’ve burned. And by checking your heart rate during workouts, you can see how both your intensity level and your heart rate change over time.
 To check out if you have the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system, fire up the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone and navigate to General > About. Under the Version section, you should see “1.0.1” if you’re running Watch OS 1.0.1.

I have tried the usual troubleshooting tips of rebooting, hard resetting my Apple Watch but nothing has helped. I also checked the Settings app to see if there is a new option to enable or disable this feature, but I couldn’t find anything new.

I’m also not sure if this is affecting all users or just a subset of users (it is one of those issues which most users are not going to notice). So it will be great if you can let me know if you’re observing the same thing after installing the Watch OS 1.0.1 update. It will tell us if it is a bug that is affecting some users or if it is an OS level change made by Apple.


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