Apple Store app updated to support Apple Watch

Apple updated its Apple Store app on Thursday, bringing the software to version 3.2.1. The change log for the release is short, with just one new feature mentioned, but it’s a significant one: Apple Watch support. Now, owners can use the wearable to access information both inside and outside of retail Apple Stores.
It was reported yesterday that Apple would be updating its Apple Store iOS app soon, with the main new feature Apple Watch support. And, sure enough, the app has officially been updated. With the update, the version number has been bumped to 3.2.1.

The Apple Store app can now show Genius Bar appointment times on the wrist, as well as showcase to the wearer Genius Bar workshops and more if they are near an Apple Store when one is kicking off. The Watch app will also give real-time order status updates, as well as make it possible to initiate the process of picking up an order.
The convenience of the Apple Store App on your Apple Watch. Get real-time order status updates, quickly get your pick up order started, check in for Genius Bar reservations and discover nearby in-store events and workshops.
You can find the Apple Store app in the App Store for free.


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