Apple rejects an app update because the screenshots had the word ‘Android’

Developers who work on new app updates should be more careful when dealing with Apple, the company has in the past rejected many apps from the iOS app store for some ridiculous reasons. Today it has taken things to a whole new level by rejecting an app update because one of the screenshots from the app listing contained the word “Android”.

An update for Breaking — an app that puts the most important news in the Today view — was rejected by the company just because one of its screenshots contained the word “Android”. As if this was not already ridiculous enough, the screenshot in question makes it even more so.\
Wow Breaking 1.3 rejected by Apple because one of the screenshots has a news item with the word ‘Android’ in it
The chances of any iOS user finding the word “Android” in the screenshot from Breaking’s App Store listing is almost nil, but still Apple decided that it is a perfectly valid reason to reject the v1.3 update of the app.

So it looks like Apple want to remove anything related with Android...

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