Apple launches ‘Made for Apple Watch’ program for third-party bands

Apple on Monday launched an official program for companies to develop third-party bands for the Apple Watch. As noted by 9to5Mac, a website just popped up on Apple’s developer portal called ‘Creating Bands for Apple Watch,’ and it offers up details on a new ‘Made for Apple Watch’ program.
The company has provided all the key design details and schematics that might be required for OEMs to create and manufacture the band. It also states that it will be providing “Apple Watch lugs” through the Made for Apple Watch program soon.

We have already seen a few third-party bands and other accessories for the Apple Watch being announced over the last few weeks. However, OEMs that follow the proper guidelines issued by Apple are probably going to offer better fitting bands for the watch.

At the moment, Apple does not mention about any other accessories for the Apple Watch. It also does not talk about the hidden diagnostic port on the smartwatch that many companies are hoping to take advantage of to release smart accessories for it, including a strap that can automatically charge the watch.

And here are the device dimensions for the 42mm Apple Watch:

Apple’s support for third-party Watch bands should appease customers, who up until now have had very limited options for buying additional bands. Right now you can either purchase them from Apple, where they’re pricey and back-ordered, or try your luck withhacked-together solutions on Amazon.


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