Apple and A123 Systems reportedly close to finalizing settlement over poaching battery experts

Apple and A123 Systems, maker of advanced batteries, submitted a court filing this week saying they are nearing a settlement regarding their engineer poaching lawsuit, reports the Boston Globe. They’ve “reached an agreement, signed a term sheet, and are in the process of drafting a final agreement.”

That specific lawsuit was raised due to Apple reportedly poaching five of A123 Systems’s battery technology experts. Now, according to a new report published by The Boston Globe, the pair of companies are close to finalizing a settlement in the situation. While the initial claim against Apple included violations of noncompete clauses within contracts, as well as unfair competition, it was also noted that Apple’s poaching was due to a need for a new “large scale battery division.”

That rumored battery division is believed to be tied to Apple’s upcoming, and oft-rumored, car. It’s been previously reported that Apple is gearing up to begin the production of its first vehicle in 2020, so development of the vehicle is certainly underway if that’s the case.

This settlement has more than likely been on the table in one fashion or another for quite some time.

[via The Boston Globe]


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