StatusVol X: Jailbreak tweak displays the Volume HUD in Status bar

Have you ever wanted to change the style of the volume HUD in your iPhone ? Whenever you press the volume buttons on the side of your device, a squarish volume HUD is displayed on the screen which can get in the way of your work. However, StatusVol X is here to help you change that and make volume HUD less obstructive.

Developed by Steven Rolfe, the tweak moves the volume HUD to the Status bar. When you press the volume buttons on your iPhone, a series of circular dots will be displayed instead of the time in the Status bar indicating the volume level.

Once the volume HUD in the Status bar times out, it will fade out and be replaced with the default Status bar items such as the time. The original volume HUD will not be displayed on the screen after you install the tweak.

The interesting part StatusVol X is that it supports fullscreen apps as well. When you adjust the volume while inside a fullscreen app, the Status bar will slide down briefly to show the volume HUD before disappearing.

After installing the tweak on your iPhone, it doesn't require any configuration..

If you’re interested to give this tweak a try, you should first add the following source to Cydia as it’s not available on one of the stock Cydia repos:


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