Samsung creates a team of 200 employees to focus solely on displays for Apple products

Samsung’s has devoted a team comprised of two-hundred skilled engineers to build mobile displays exclusively for Apple. The move indicates that the two technology giants are strengthening business ties, patent disputes notwithstanding, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

Samsung already provides Apple with displays for iPads and MacBooks along with various other components.

The team of 200 employees are also required to develop new display technologies for Apple, and thus are not allowed to share any information about their work outside of the team. They are also responsible for sale of displays to Apple.

The new team was reportedly formed on April 1, the same day on which Samsung split its display business into separate LCD and OLED units.

Creating a special team targeted only towards meeting Apple needs and requirements is not an unprecedented move as LG Display already does something similar. Apple ships millions of products every quarter, and the ability to supply displays for its products is always good for the bottom line of any display manufacturing company.

A dedicated team of employees will also help Samsung in further improving its relationship with Apple — its largest external customer. The company’s semiconductor division has also reportedly won the contract to supply the majority of A9 chips to Apple for the upcoming iPhones.



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