Photos of Apple Watch with custom red sports band surfaces on Twitter

With such a high-profile launch of a new-category (fashionable) gadget on its hands, little wonder Apple is admittedly enlisting help of the world’s top fashion editors, celebrities and athletes in an unprecedented attempt to position the gizmo in the public’s consciousness.

The second photo is of a U.K. style charger from Apple with folding pins that make them more portable. Carling claims that the charger was provided to him by Jony Ive, SVP of Design at Apple. It is likely that Apple will be providing the same charger with the Apple Watch in the United Kingdom.

Some folks pointed out that the lighting conditions could have affected the quality of Carling’s photo, causing the similar looking pink Sport band to appear reddish. For what it’s worth, the athlete’s tweet does exclaim he likes “the red band.” Other commenters are putting their money on a vague possibility of a (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch edition.

In yet another tweet this morning, he shared a photo of a smart plug for the Watch with a unique folding solution for each prong so it’s more compact when carrying around.

It’s designed for use in the United Kingdom.
Earlier this week, an assistant of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld took to Instagram to share an interesting looking photo depicting an Apple Watch Edition with the gold Link Bracelet. That particular strap is nowhere to be found in Apple’s official Watch lineup that the firm markets to the general public.


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