One of the biggest hospitals in LA added support for HealthKit over the weekend

Researches at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles are bringing data from Apple’s health-tracking platform, HealthKit, into patient files, according to a Bloomberg report Monday.

During the weekend, the medical center updated its record system comprising of more than 80,000+ patients to add HealthKit integration to it. This will allow HealthKit compatible apps to add supplementary data to the center’s medical record of its patients.
“This is just another set of data that we’re confident our physicians will take into account as they make clinical and medical judgments,” Dworkin said. “We don’t really, fully know and understand how patients will want to use this and we’re going to basically stand ready to learn by what will happen.”
HealthKit can record a plethora of data using third-party apps like weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, heartbeat and more.

Instead of allowing users to opt-in to this feature though, the medical center has enabled it for all. In case you don’t want to share your data with the center, the only solution is to not use HealthKit related apps at all — which might not be liked by all HealthKit users out there.

What do you think ? Great idea right ? 


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