JailbreakCon 2015 kicks off on June 20 in San Francisco

JailbreakCon 2015, also known as the Worldwide Jailbreak Con, will kick off on Saturday, June 20, in San Francisco. The two-day event gives attendees the opportunity to learn more about jailbreaking, with workshops, presentations, and lots more.

“We’ve decided on a location and date for JailbreakCon 2015! It will be on June 20-21 in a wonderful historic building near downtown San Francisco,” reads the announcement on the JailbreakCon website.

Many of the specifics — including the venue — are yet to be announced, but the event’s organizers have made “tentative plans.” Saturday is expected to include workshops and mini-talks, while Saturday evening will allow attendees to work together on their projects.

“On Sunday we’ll have longer talks that dive deep into topics about tweak development, theme design, the jailbreaking community, and more,” the announcement continues. “This will also have plenty of time for lunch at the venue with fellow attendees.”

If you’d like to ask any questions about JailbreakCon 2015, you can do so via the official website. You can also find out more about what last year’s event was like by checking out the many videos on the JailbreakCon YouTube channel.


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