iPad Pro cases hint at stereo speakers and dual connection ports

Today, Sonny Dickson, the man responsible for several accurate hardware leaks of Apple devices, posted images of purported iPad Pro cases which indicate several features unique to Apple’s rumored 12.9-inch tablet. The case design is similar to the 9.7-inch iPad Air in shape, but shows what appear to be two Lightning connector ports, one on the bottom and another on the left of the device.

“The iPad Pro’s design will be very similar to the iPad Air, including an ultra thin casing and thin bezels,” Dickson claims. “Unlike the iPad Air, the iPad Pro may measure 7mm, which is slightly thicker than the iPad Air but thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus.”
In addition, the cases have four speaker cutouts — two along the top edge and two along the bottom edge — that suggest the iPad Pro will have significant better stereo speakers as previously reported, and two connection ports.

One of the connection ports is on the bottom of the device — the same place you’ll find the Lightning connector on existing iPads — while the other is on the side. It’s unclear if both of these will be Lightning ports, or whether one will be a USB-C port.

The cases also point to stereo speakers, with a total of four speaker holes – two at the top of the device and another two down below – in the design. From the images, it appears that no other areas of the device, other than its size, have been changed. The mute or rotation lock switch appears to be missing from the iPad Pro, similarly to Apple’s iPad Air 2, as the only openings in that area appear to be for volume buttons, a microphone, and the power button.
Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad rumors have been around for a while, but the device is expected to launch later this year.


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