iOS 8.3 brings useful enhancements to Quick Reply

Apple today released the iOS 8.3 software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software contains dozens of fixes and brings out a handful of feature enhancements related to Messages, Siri, the much enhanced emoji keyboard and more. Oddly, a subtle change to how Quick Reply and Notification Center handle messages with previews disabled aren’t mentioned in release notes.

According to tweets here and here, Quick Reply now shows an image attached to a message — even if the Message Preview feature has been disabled in Settings. As a bonus, you can now reply from the Notification Center even with previews disabled.

I went on and tested this on my iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus. First up, I flipped the Show Preview switch to OFF in Settings > Notifications > Messages.
With that off my back, I sent test messages to myself (both texts and iMessages, for those wondering). One simply said “Test” and the other had an image attached to it.

When a message comes in, you can now swipe to the left in the Notification Center when the device is unlocked, revealing the handy Reply option.
So what do you think ? 


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