Facebook Messenger adds cross-platform video chat support

Merely a week after flipping the switch on video calling in the popular WhatsApp service, Facebook today started rolling out video calling to its Messenger app on iOS and across other mobile platforms.

Now, for users of the stand-alone Messenger app, there will be a video icon at the top of any conversation that will initiate the call. With this feature, users will be able to make a video call whether they’re connected to a Wi-Fi network or their carrier’s LTE network.

The video call can be started on an iOS device and received on an Android smartphone, and vice versa, making the availability quite extensive.

The new feature is rolling out to the iOS app later today, but you can watch it in demonstration form in the video below. A link to the free app is available below as well.

Facebook messenger new update is available for free via the App Store, sorry there is no link :P


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