Apple’s new MacBook compared to MacBook Air in new video

The new MacBook, which features a newly-deigned keyboard and a single USB-C port, among other things, launches Friday, April 10.

But, while the portable isn’t available to buy just yet, that hasn’t stopped the device from popping up in a video already. Just recently a Vietnamese site was able to publish a first-look video of the device, giving a glimpse of what to expect come the end of this week. Now, the MacBook with its 12-inch Retina display has shown up again, this time in a new video sourced from Ukraine and compared directly to the MacBook Air.

Ukrainian website Rozetka has put together a video that compares Apple’s newest MacBook to the mid-2013 MacBook Air, essentially taking an in-depth look at how the newest portable’s physical design compares to the older model. The video also makes mention that the new MacBook, at its thickest point (.51″), is nearly as thin as the original iPad (.50″).

The video comes in at just over 15 minutes, and does a nice job of showing off the many key features of the new MacBook, including the newly-designed keyboard, the new Force Touch trackpad, the single USB-C port, and the thin profile. You can check it out below. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles.

So what do you think ?


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