Apple Watch’s stainless steel casing reportedly getting scratched easily

It looks like that many Apple Watch users are facing problems and scratches with their stainless steel Apple Watch. A number of users posted pictures on social networks like Facebook and Instagram showing scratches on the stainless steel body of their two days old smartwatch.

Apple touts that it has used 316L corrosion resistant stainless steel on the Apple Watch that it has made 80 percent harder by cold forging it. In addition, it has polished it further to give it a mirror finish. However, the casing seems to be very susceptible to scratches with many Apple Watch owners reporting that it is picking up scratches very easily in day-to-day activities.
Majority of the normal wrist watches are also made from the same 316L standard steel, and even they get scratched in day-to-day usage. Though, the Apple Watch does seem to get scratched pretty easily when compared to them.

Apple has used anodised aluminium on the cheaper Apple Watch Sports, which seems to be less susceptible to scratches. It is also tougher than the 316L stainless steel used on the Apple Watch.

So what do you think ? Is your Apple Watch getting scratched easily ?


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