Apple Watch Unboxing Video

After what seemed like an immeasurable wait, I finally got my UPS delivery, and the Apple Watch is now in hand. Unfortunately, I only received one of the two watches that I purchased—a 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a white band. I’m not complaining though, at least I got something on launch day.

I was actually pretty impressed with the packaging and how it all came together. One thing that kind of stood out to me was the way that they presented the M/L band. It didn’t feel Apple-esque. The packaging for the band wasn’t symmetrical, not much detail, and just kind of altogether wasn’t very impressive. Now in reality, this isn’t an issue to me whatsoever, I’m just usually impressed with the way Apple does things and this particular piece fell a little short.

Otherwise, all of the packaging was great and the watch was even better. The quality of the band was much different than I anticipated. It had some weight to it and it felt very premium. The M/L band was definitely nice since my wrist barely fit the last hole in the S/M band.



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