Apple Watch teardown reveals 205mAh battery; gives us a look inside the Taptic Engine and Digital Crown

Customers in Australia and other time-forward countries began receiving their Apple Watch orders earlier today, and the folks at iFixit have acquired a 38mm Sport Apple Watch, and have begun their customary teardown process.

The iFixit folks have torn down the 38mm Apple Watch Sport — the cheapest and most popular version of the smartwatch among consumers.

The team started the teardown by separating the display from the case of the watch — giving us a look at the Taptic Engine and the Digital Crown.

The teardown also reveals that the Apple Watch comes with a 3.8v 205mAh battery that is “lightly adhered” to its place. This is likely done by Apple to make battery replacement easier for the smartwatch down the line. The extra space inside the 42mm Apple Watch variants will likely allow Apple to include a bigger battery inside it as it has previously mentioned that battery life between the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch variants will vary.

The teardown is still in progress and we will update this article when the iFixit reveals other internals of the smartwatch such as the S1 processor and the heart rate sensor at the back.

Notable findings thus far:
  • No easy disconnection here, the display cables are trapped under a springy bracket, not unlike the Touch ID cable cover of the iPhone 5s.
  • 3.8 V, 0.78 Wh lithium-ion battery
  • The microphone ribbon cable is ensnared between the inner and outer layers of the case
  • The Taptic engine is attached at the hip to the speaker, which fits into a nice recess in the case


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