Apple celebrates Earth Day by changing its logo color to green across retail stores

Today is Earth Day and Apple Stores around the world are marking the occasion with revamped signage outside the brick-and-mortar locations featuring green leaves. Although the physical stores now rock logo leaves tinted in green, the Online Apple Store was unaffected as of this writing.
In addition, the Cupertino company has updated its website to highlight the various environmental programs that it has undertaken over the last few years. The homepage also features a bold tag line: “We believe true innovation must consider everything.”

Apple’s YouTube account also joined the celebration with a tweaked logo featuring the same green leaf.

The annual event, which falls on April 22nd, is used to promote environmental protection and the overall improvement of the health of the environment, via demonstrations, organized events and more.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has been so visibly supportive of an annual awareness day. Last year, select Apple Store logos were similarly revamped with green leaves for 2014 Earth Day.

Furthermore, the firm’s Cupertino, California campus joined the celebration with a major internal event focused on Earth Day while employees of certain Apple Stores were given Earth Day T-shirts to wear on April 22.

So what do you think ? Apple logo looks beautiful in green, right ?

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