Apple Announces Porsche as a Committed Partner for CarPlay

Porsche is the latest brand to commit to CarPlay after Apple CEO Tim Cook last month said all major car manufacturers plan to incorporate the third-party infotainment platform in models rolling out this year.

"The CarPlay lineup. CarPlay will be available on models from these committed partners."

Notably, Porsche is owed by Volkswagen AG which already offers Apple CarPlay support under its Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Suzuki and Volkswagen marques.

In its fight for the dashboard, Apple faces stiff competition from stalwart industry players and fellow tech companies like Google and Microsoft. Google is pushing an Android Auto platform similar to CarPlay, while Microsoft last year saw its Sync tie-up with Ford dissolve, to be replaced by a new iteration powered by BlackBerry's QNX.

Aside from buying a new car, iPhone owners can get access to CarPlay by swapping out stock head units for compatible hardware made by aftermarket audio companies like Alpine, Parrot and Pioneer.



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