Apple and Twitter working on bringing Tweets to Spotlight

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter content such as tweets and accounts are coming to Apple’s Spotlight search engine on Macs and iOS devices, allowing for an even tighter integration between the iPhone maker and the popular micro-blogging service, MacWorld reported Wednesday. Apple added Twitter to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as the inaugural third-party service integration in iOS 5 three years ago.

Apple’s Spotlight search engine is found in OS X and iOS and allow users to search through their contacts, app, web and more easily. By adding Twitter integration to Spotlight, Twitter and Apple will likely display users tweets relevant to their search term.

Costolo, however, failed to provide additional details about this upcoming integration.

Apple already offers system level Twitter account integration in OS X and iOS. This allows Twitter users to easily tweet through the notification center in OS X, get instant alert for any replies or DMs they receive and more.

Apple and Twitter have long shared a very close relationship, and the latter was the first social network that Apple had integrated into iOS. It has long been rumored that Apple is interested in acquiring Twitter, though that is yet to happen.

Twitter has been coming up with ways to provide more exposure to tweets from its 300 million+ users. Earlier this year, the company struck a deal with Google that allowed the latter to display a real time stream of relevant tweets in its search results.


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