Users getting ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ error while trying to log into App Store

Having trouble purchasing or updating your apps? You’re not the only one. It seems the App Store, iTunes, and other Apple services are down this morning, and Apple is yet to acknowledge that there is a problem.

The problem was first spotted by the folks at The Next Web and it looks like that it is affecting the App Store, the iTunes Store, the Mac App Store, and iTunes Connect, the platform third-party developers use to submit their apps for review.

The front and “Featured” pages of each store load just fine for most, but users are unable to access different sections, or make purchases. Some receive a “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error, while others simply get but blank pages.

Apple hasn’t responded to requests for comment yet, and according to its service status page, everything should be online and running just fine.

However, we will keep you updated with anything new from Apple...

Have you been facing any troubles connecting to the iTunes store or App Store ?

Update 1:
The Next Web reader, Karl Hooker, had this to say in the comments:

Just spoken to Apple customer services UK and the agent was unaware of the issue until I told her to pick up her own phone and attempt to download an app. She said “Oh, yes I seem to be having the same error” and put me on hold. She then came back and said “We are aware of an outage but I don’t know how long it’s going to take, please try again in about an hour”…
It is good to know that Apple is aware of the issue. The system status however still says there is no issue. Let’s hope the issue is resolved soon.

Update 2:
Based on the comments, it looks like it is affected users all over the world.

Update 3 (8:20 am ET):
According to developers who have spoken to Apple, the issue may take at least 2 more hours to be fixed.

Update 4 (9:00 am ET):
Apple Support is also down now, which means you cannot get online assistance or book Genius Bar appointments.

The issues aren’t just affecting Apple’s customers either, it seems. The Next Web points to a tweet from one Apple customer who visited a store in Edinburgh where staff were having to use a pen and paper to process orders because their internal systems were also offline.
@brokenbottleboy Was in the Apple Store Edinburgh 10am & they were having to use paper&pen. Their systems did come back after 15m – related?
— I, YermoungDer (@yermoungder) March 11, 2015
Some users in Australia are reporting that the some services are returning, but the issues appear to be sporadic. Many others still cannot access anything.

Update 5 (10:00 am ET):

Apple has finally updated the system status page to say that they’re having issues with iCloud Account and Sign, and also iCloud Mail, and that the issue is affecting users.



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