This site lets you play with interactive Apple Watch apps early

WatchAware, a new website dedicated to the Apple Watch, lets you play with upcoming Apple Watch apps ahead of the wearable’s release next month. The interactive demos give potential buyers a brief glimpse at what they can expect from Apple’s device beyond its built-in features.

Apple showcased a few Apple Watch apps during its big unveiling last fall, but WatchAware, which comes from the team behind AppAdvice, lets you try out little interactive demos for a better understanding of how Watch apps will work.

There are a whole bunch of titles you can try, including Twitter, Facebook, Todoist, MoneyWiz, American Airlines, and Pinterest — and WatchAware provides different views for many of them, like “Apps,” “Glances,” and “Notifications.” These are the three modes Apple allows developers to use on the Apple Watch.

Apps apps are self-explanatory; they are teeny-tiny versions of their smartphone counterparts, with only basic features. They run in the background on your iPhone, taking advantage of its bigger battery and faster processor, but you view and control them from your watch.

Notifications are alerts that you can interactive with, so you have the ability to accept Facebook friend requests or favorite and retweet incoming tweets. Glances are much simpler; they simply display notifications with handy information, such as the weather forecast, but you can’t do anything with them.

As you might expect, these are only watered-down Apple Watch apps made for illustration purposes, so you don’t get to try out everything you can expect from real Apple Watch apps. But nevertheless, they are pretty neat, and they may help you decide whether Watch will be worth it with third-party software.

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