The early 2015 MacBook Air supports 60Hz 4K external displays

The early 2015 MacBook Air hasn’t been on sale for long, but for anyone that picked one up and was wondering about support for 4K external displays, tests have confirmed good news.

According to a report published recently by Ars Technica, the early 2015 MacBook Air lineup supports a bit more than what Apple is letting on. Officially, according to the Cupertino-based company, the newest MacBook Airs support external displays with display resolutions up to 2560×1600. However, following some testing done by the publication, the newest MBAs actually support 4K external displays at a full 60Hz.

While support is possible, not everything was perfect. The tests revealed that some issues cropped up when performing animation-intensive scenarios, including going into full-screen mode for many apps. The publication insists that these actions, and some others, are pushing the Intel HD 6000 graphics chip “to its limit.” However, doing just about anything else indicated that, even running at a full 60Hz, performing general tasks were “more than smooth enough for desktop use.”

It’s worth noting that using OS X’s build-in resolution scaling functions also cause some issues, including something simple as scrolling, which saw some refresh issues.

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