Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6: Fingerprint Scanner Comparison [Video]

A couple of days ago Samsung introduced new Galaxy S6 Edge which comes with many great performances. However, the folks at PhoneArena decided to make a video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fingerprint scanner versus the iPhone 6's fingerprint scanner.

As I said above the video was taken by PhoneArena at MWC in Barcelona, Spain. Notably, Samsung has improved its sensor and it no longer requires swiping your finger over it. You can now press and hold similar to Touch ID on the iPhone.
We'd say that Sammy's finger scan is just as reliable as the one on Apple's flagship, as each unlock attempt was met with success. Now, as far as speed goes, the Galaxy S6 unlocks just a bit slower than the iPhone 6. We wouldn't say that the difference is dramatic, and it may be more to do with software and animations, than the hardware sensor being slow. In any case, we'd say that for normal usage, not comparison and nitpicking, the sensor is speedy enough so that the user wouldn't notice a difference.
Here's the video:  



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