New Apple Wireless keyboard with backlit keys appears on Apple’s online store

An updated version of Apple’s wireless keyboard appeared on Apple’s Czech Republic online store on Monday, most notably packing a backlit keyboard.

According to a new report, the new keyboard has made its appearance known on the Czech Republic Online Store, however there is still a bit missing. While the image has been updated to reflect new features within the wireless ‘board, the actual description of the product hasn’t changed.

However, as noted by 9to5Mac, there are indeed interesting alterations. That includes some additions to the F5 and F6 buttons, which now show indicators for a keyboard backlight, just like is present on MacBook keyboards. One other change includes the removal of the CD eject button, typically found on the top-right of the keyboard, and it has been replaced by a Power button, just like on the MacBook keyboards as well.

These are relatively small changes, but considering the usefulness probably very welcomed. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when Apple might officially launch the product, but hopefully it is soon.



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