How to troubleshoot Cydia refresh issues

Facing issues within Cydia store ? Does Cydia stop reloading data ? . This usually has something to do with a bad repo, or a repo that may be unresponsive, offline, etc. If you have a lot of third-party repos added to Cydia, then the chances of you encountering this error increase. In this post, I’ll show you how to successfully troubleshoot this issue, and make it so that Cydia can successfully refresh.

Check this video:

To troubleshoot, tap the Sources tab at the bottom of the Cydia interface, and scroll down until you find the source with the spinning refresh icon. This source is the likely culprit, and removing it will allow Cydia to refresh properly.

Of course, you’ll want to take a screenshot, or write down the repo address before you up and remove a hanging Cydia repo. To remove the repo, perform a swipe left gesture and tap the Delete button.


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