Comex, Chronic, P0sixninja and other iOS hackers to attend Mobile Security Summit in Beijing

Famed iOS hackers Comex, Chronic, P0sixninja, and Pimskeks are to appear at the Mobile Security Summit in Beijing later this month, it has been confirmed. All four will host keynotes during the one-day event, which is being organized by TaiG, the team responsible for jailbreaking iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1.2.

The Mobile Security Summit, or MSS for short, is being dubbed as the Chinese version of the Worldwide Jailbreak Convention (JailbreakCon), which began in 2012.

Comex, Chronic, P0sixninja, and Pimskeks are listed as “panelists” in the MSS announcement, but they will all host keynotes regarding topics like security, the “anatomy of a jailbreak, and Following each one, there will be a Q&A session.

TaiG jailbreak CEO Xie Lei will kick off the event with an opening speech, and the event will be followed by a “high-end dinner.”

It is unclear if there will be an upcoming jailbreak for the newly released iOS 8.2 software update. While Apple’s latest software has made it more difficult to free iPhones and iPads from the company’s shackles, the TaiG team has said it is confident it can be done.

However, we will keep you updated with anything new..


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