Apple Watch to come with 8GB of storage space; Only 2GB will be available for music and 75MB for photos

All three editions of the Apple Watch have eight gigabytes of storage, but the operating system is limiting users to a subsection of that total space for certain types of data, such as up to two gigabytes of music and up to 75 megabytes worth of photographs for the Photos app. As confirmed with Apple by 9to5Mac, shipping units of the Sport, Watch and Edition models have the same 8GB memory capacity.

However, only a part of the storage will be available to users to store their music and photos on the Watch. Out of the total 8GB of storage space, users will only be able to use 2GB of space to store music on the watch. As for photos, the company is restricting users to a mere 75MB as it only wants them to store their favorite images on the smartwatch.

By storing music locally on the Apple Watch, users will be able to listen to directly listen to music via a Bluetooth headset without the need of an iPhone. Similarly, storing photos on the Watch will allow consumers to view their favorite images on their wrist anytime they want.

A part of the remaining 6GB of free space on the Watch is already occupied by the OS, while the other half is kept free to allow users to install apps on it. Apple has probably also kept a portion of the free space reserved on the Watch for future use. This will come in handy when the company releases the native WatchKit SDK later this year as it will allow Apple Watch apps to store their binaries on the smartwatch itself.

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