Apple Watch sales strategy: a focus on fashion and upsells

Leading up to the Apple Watch, several different reports have outlined how Apple Stores are going to change the way they work with customers to sell the upcoming wearable.

Specifically, it’s been revealed that Apple will focus on the customer much more than ever before, essentially learning as much as they can about certain elements of their life to find out where the Watch fits in, whether that’s as a fashion piece or an accessory for fitness. And now, a new report has shed even more light on how Apple Store employees will communicate with potential Watch buyers to try and sell the device.

9to5mac is out with a report on Tuesday detailing how Apple Store employees will help customers select the right Apple Watch for their lifestyle, when it becomes available to purchase on April 24. The publication, often providing some of the best Apple scoops, details that retail employees will initiate conversations to build trust, enabling the employee to essentially take the place as a fashion advisor during the purchase process, rather than pushing a new consumer electronic.

According to 9to5mac, here are some of the comments Apple Store employees are expecting to hear from you:
  • Looks good—”I love how it will coordinate with many of my outfits.”
  • Functionality—”I love that I just have to raise my wrist to have the display turn on.”
  • Good financial investment—”I think I can afford that.”
  • Durability—”I’m sure I’ll have this for years.”
  • Ease of use—”That’s so easy.”
  • Versatility—”Wow, there’s so many options for straps.”
One training pamphlet flat out says: “What’s your opinion on what will enhance [the customer’s] personal style?”

Furthermore, as part of the new retail push, Apple is said to focus on new areas to simplify its sales process:
  • Determine existing knowledge about the Apple Watch’s functionality. This will determine if they need to be trained on the features by a specific group of Apple employees trained to do so.
  • Discuss iPhone and iOS versions. Apple Store Employees will learn what version you are sporting, and how it can be tied in with your Apple Watch.
  • Push iPhone upgrades to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for better compatibility.
  • Ask about why customers see themselves using an Apple Watch.
  • Determine which model a customer needs.
There doesn’t seem to be any doubt that Apple is going all-in with the sales of the Watch, which simply goes to show that Apple’s very serious about the wearable its adding to its product lineup. It will be interesting to see how well the Watch sells, but we’ll have to wait some time before Apple reveals those numbers.


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