Apple unveils new MacBook, gold option available

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event is underway at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts and CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple challenged itself to “reinvent the notebook” before he took the wraps off a brand new MacBook model which weighs just two pounds.

Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, took the stage to talk more about the notebook, which “looks absolutely gorgeous from eery angle”.

Weighing just two pounds,

At its thickest point itćs just 13.1mm thin versus 18.3mm for the 11/inch MAcBook Air, a 24 percent thinner appearance. “That is a huge difference,” said Schiller.

Mac growth has been outpacing the rest of the industry for ten years straight.

Incorporating a new Butterfly keyboard technology, the keyboard on the new MAcBook is four times more stable than the standard mechanism, even if you strike the keys on their side.
Each key now has its own LED backlighting allowing for a more precise illumination.

Featuring a twelve-inch screen with a Retina pixel resolution of 2304-by-1440 pixels, it has clearer images and consumes 30 percent less energy. The trackpad, now called, Force Touch trackpad, ditches away mechanics and incorporates four sensors and Haptic Engine from the Apple Watch.

The trackpad has adjustable click feel and, more importantly, it can distinguish between a force click and a tap or standard click. They’ve developed new gestures that take advantage of force-clicking in OS X, basically taking advantage of a range of pressures that the sensors can sense.

For instance, when watching a video, the deeper you press the faster the video plays. What’s inside the notebook is the latest Unibody architecture and, most importantly, a 67 percent smaller logic board thanks to fanless design (one third the size of the previous logic board).

It’s powered by Intel’s new 14-nanometer Intel Core M chip clocked at 1.3 GHz, but you can configure it with a faster chip in mind. Apple has created the notebook’s battery in sheets so it can occupy more space, allowing for a 35 more capacity in energy use, good enough for a 24-hour performance.


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